Potato Sack - Seasonal Potato Planting System

Grow your own potatoes without the hassle of a dedicated mound in the garden.  We offer fully-planted potato grow pots using fabric pots to increase yield and minimize digging labor.  Edges of the pots can be folded down to maximize light availability to young plants then unfolded as the plants grow to allow soil mounding around the larger plants - greatly increasing the productivity!

The benefits of the Smart Pot are the aeration, water drainage and heat release. These three benefits will help you get a bigger better plant than what you have gotten in the past with the same size plastic or other container.

This product includes the installation of a 25 gallon smart pot, with our organic container mix soil, fully-planted with your selections from our organic potato starts, for a single season of potatoes.  Subsequent plantings can be done by amending the soil and replanting, for a reduced price.