Native California Wildflower Mix, 1 packet

Native California Wildflower Seed Mix. Contains the following:  Clarkia, Chinese Houses, Dwarf and Normal Calif. Poppy, Globe Gilia, Bird’s Eyes, Dwarf Goldfields, Tidy Tips, Blue Flax, Golden and Arroyo Lupines, Baby Blue Eyes, Five Spot, Calif. Blue Bell, and Blue-Eyed Grass. Produces flowers that bloom thru spring, summer and fall. Approx. 600,000 seeds/lb. Use 7 lb./acre. 1/4 lb. seeds 1500 sq. ft. Fall is the time to plant these annual and perennial native wildflowers. For best results, remove weeds, then loosen top 1” of soil, level with a garden rake and scatter seeds evenly over the area. Mulch evenly with a fine layer of peat moss or compost 1/8” deep and water with a fine spray. After seedlings appear (which may take 2-6 weeks), water only as necessary. Once established, these wildflowers will bloom year after year, providing color and beauty, as long as you let them go to seed in the spring when they are done flowering.