Lovage, 6-cellpack

The lovage plant is an easy-to-cultivate perennial herb that tastes like the celery and can be used whenever celery is desired: in soups, salads. casseroles, and stuffings. And given the proper soil and growing conditions, the pretty plant will mature to a height of six feet or more!

Many people have never heard of this fine herb, but it's been around for centuries. The Romans thought enough of the tall, aromatic plant to take it with them to England, and lovage was grown in medieval monastery gardens for medicinal, as well as culinary, uses. Dr. Samuel Johnson recommended the long-lasting perennial for rheumatism, while the American colonists brought it with them to make a favorite tea they hoped would help ward off the New World's aches and pains.

Lovage is big and beautiful enough to deserve a prominent spot in even the most carefully landscaped yard. Its leaves are shiny, dark green, and finely cut (they both look and smell like celery greens) and in late June or early July yellow flowers spread their big "umbrella" clusters above the lush foliage.