Comfrey, 1-Ga

This perennial herb grows in USDA hardiness zones 3-9. Although comfrey is tolerant of a variety of growing conditions, I’ve found it grows best in full to partial sun and in rich, loosened soil. The more compacted the soil is, the more shade it prefers.

Permaculture gardeners seek out plants that are multifunctional and help our gardens to work like mini-ecosystems, which saves us time. And you guessed it — comfrey is one of these plants!

The Benefits of Growing Comfrey

  • Attracts pollinators with its blue, pink, purple, or white bell-shaped flowers.
  • Provides habitat for beneficial insects under its huge leaves, which helps to keep the garden pest-free.
  • Fertilizes with nutrient-rich mulch. Comfrey is known to be a nutrient accumulator, reaching its roots deep into the ground to mine the subsoil for nutrients (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and more). Next, nutrients accumulate in the fast-growing leaves so you can use them as a fertilizing green mulch.