Brown thumb?  You're not alone.  That is why we're here to help you to get the most from your edible landscape!  Natural gardening is a delicate art and time-consuming craft.  Permaculture Cubed is pleased to be a full-service solution to chemical free, whole yard care.  Our gardeners are experts at maximizing the yield from your food producing plants while maintaining the aesthetic of your outdoor living space.



Permaculture Cubed handles all maintenance of your edible landscape with scheduled visits to manage everything from planting to harvest to over-wintering.

Our permaculture techniques ensure a healthy, well-fertilized garden without any need for synthetic chemical fertilizers.  We use soil management, beneficial insects and companion plants to support plant vitality without pesticides and employ only natural methods to treat any visits from unwanted pests.

We deliver a comprehensive report following each visit to keep you up to date on your irrigation settings, current and upcoming harvests, and completed or recommended maintenance actions.



Whether your tastes run to fresh apples, tree-ripened figs, or local Boysenberries, Permaculture Cubed specializes in care and maintenance of fruit trees, berry bushes, and vines. When creating a new food forest Permaculture Cubed works with your specific micro-climate to expertly select and plant the right fruit trees, bushes, and vines for your backyard garden or orchard.

Proper care starts with the right plant selection, and the care provided in the first few years of life will affect your plants' shape, strength, production, and even its life span.  With our help you can enjoy the beauty and the bounty from your plants for many years.



With an emphasis on conservation, Permaculture Cubed’s Organic Lawn Care professionals utilize natural methods for your yard’s care.  Organic lawn fertilizer and the proper care ensures vibrant lawns that are safe for children and pets. No synthetic chemical pesticides or herbicides are used with our green approach to weed control and pest management. And with an eye towards California's ongoing water conservation efforts, Permaculture Cubed’s irrigation management and optimization will keep your lawn green while minimizing water waste.

CARB-compliant, ultra-quiet maintenance equipment, decibel rating of only 64 dB for gas-powered machines.  We also offer electric-only maintenance services.