Garden / Design Assessment

Let’s get to know each other! During our initial meeting we’d like to walk you through our garden philosophy and how we work. From your end, we’d love to explore what you are hoping to achieve with your space and how we can lend our expertise to bring your goals to fruition. We’ll focus on the following items:

      • Site Analysis
            • Garden Components
            • Vegetable Beds
            • Chicken Coops
            • Composting Systems
            • Bee Hives
            • Organic Lawn Care
            • Full Landscape Design
      • Rough estimate of design time needed for a formal proposal (hours)

Collaborative Design Process

You’ve got ideas, we’ve got ideas, lets collaborate and design the garden of your dreams! Based on our garden / design assessment, we’ll trade ideas via photos, emails, Pinterest pages, etc. to determine overall style and design. From there we’ll select finish materials and move on to a formal proposal.

Formal Proposal

Based on our garden / design assessment and our collaborative design process, our design team will craft + present a formal proposal. It’s our goal to bring your vision to life.


Garden / Design Assessment Fee: $75.00*

*Fee will be waived during the first billing cycle if we partner to build or maintain your garden.

Garden Design Pricing: $150.00*

*Includes 3 hours of design work to produce a proposal. If additional time is needed to produce your proposal, time will be assessed at $100.00 per hour. A rough estimate will be provided during the Garden / Design Assessment meeting.