The Team


I fell in love with gardening when I was 6 years old.  I had picked up some zinnia seeds at the local corner store (instead of the baseball cards that I had come for) -  amazed that flowers could actually be green!  My parents let me build a small garden plot behind our garage where I planted my new flowers and a small selection of vegetables.  I was so proud to share my harvest with my family that first season.  I was instantly hooked.

My vegetable gardens became a constant feature at our home throughout my youth. My summers were spent at my friend’s apricot orchard in Hollister, California, “cutting ‘cots” to be dried for Dole Food Company.  By the time I was 13, my ½ acre vegetable plot was so prolific that I shared my 40+ pound per week squash harvest with the local convalescent hospital.  A kid can only eat so much zucchini!

Right before high school, my family moved up to the foothills above Fresno.  I quickly became a fixture on my new school’s 3000 acre farm, taking as many of the agriculture classes as I could fit into my schedule.  I became a member of the National FFA Organization and began raising and showing market hogs.  I even won the FFA’s California State Farm & Home Improvement award for my work renovating my family’s little homestead.  During my last year of high school, I was offered the opportunity to develop curriculum and systems for the school’s new Ag-Biotech program - a pilot program which offered students the opportunity to explore the latest advances in agricultural systems such as animal husbandry, artificial insemination, fish farming, and hydroponics.

I spent the next 15 years or so exploring the world and other industries, first as a computer instructor in the US Navy and then as an operations manager for an institutional investment firm - all the while continuing to design and build my personal gardens and small-scale urban farms - before ultimately deciding that a career outdoors, playing in the dirt, designing and building vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, chicken and rabbit habitats and aquaculture systems was the life for me.  It was from this passion that Permaculture Cubed was formed in 2013.

I haven’t looked back since!  I absolutely love sharing my passion for sustainable living and food production with my friends, family and clients, and I can’t wait to share some veggies with you!


Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area I was exposed to the unique ecosystems and microclimates that allow for the amazing varieties of fruits and vegetables that could be grown in a relatively small region.

Summers were always spent growing strawberries, rhubarb, herbs, huge zucchini, and sun-ripened tomatoes, but let's be honest: When I was younger huge zucchini were fun to grow because they got big, and as for tomatoes, I didn’t like them much. However come late summer and fall when the fruit trees ripen, the real “garden” work started with canning homemade jams and apple sauce.

While spending time with family in Colombia, South America, I got to see many different farming techniques and crop types. The greatest impact on my passion for horticulture came from time spent on my grandfather’s small polyculture farm located in a cool mountainous environment. Here, I learned about small scale intensive farming of vegetable and flowers and the importance of soil health through techniques like crop rotation, biomass reclamation, organic inputs and companion planting.

The ideas of environmental and cultural sustainability led me to the University of San Diego where I majored in Ocean Studies and Anthropology with a focus on coastal cultures of the Pacific Rim. While spending the next 10 years in San Diego, I became an active volunteer with the local co-op farmers’ market and their corresponding farms. After graduating, I worked with a catering company whose focus was featuring locally sourced food.  Through my interactions with small farms in San Diego, I was introduced to many new, low-water and dry farming techniques which was exciting to apply these techniques when I moved back to a multiyear drought stricken Bay Area. With my move, I began trialing many heirloom and native plant seeds from the southwest region in the Bay Area due to their lower water requirements.  

Since my return to the Bay Area, I started working towards low-water, sustainable and year-long productivity in my own personal gardens and friends’ gardens. With each growing season and micro-climate change, I learn new habits of plants and their specific varieties. Maintaining a focus on sustainability, I enjoy working with perennial food crops and native vegetables that are specifically adapted to the periodic drought conditions of California and the Southwest.

When I’m not playing in the dirt I’m an avid cook and ultramarathon runner.  As a cook and gardener, I enjoy entertaining friends and family with a unique seasonally fresh meal. I often like to cook what I farm and forage. Training for an ultramarathon in our local mountains allows lets me cover enough space to forage for maple pungent candy cap mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, wild strawberries, nettles, bracken ferns, and even cattails. Catch me in a garden or on trail and I’ll have a snack for you.



I say I "found my love of food" during a high school summer job working for a local catering company.  It opened me up to a plethora of cuisines, flavors, and fresh ingredients I never knew existed. 

After high school, I career searched for a few years.  I completed a degree in Welding and Metallurgy and even did a very brief stint as a Police Officer!  During this time, I continued working full time in catering and events management. Ultimately having satisfied my desire to explore other opportunities, my love of food won out and I opened my own catering company at 27 years old.  I quickly grew my business into a multi-million dollar operation, but still was not satisfied. I loved catering and events but realized it was a job and not my passion.

During my years of catering I became fascinated with the supply chain of our food.  I would walk into our kitchen and see a pallet of produce and wonder - “Where did this all come from?”  I knew it came from a farm but... “Where was it grown? How was it grown? How was it handled between the farm and my kitchen?”  I decided I needed to find the answers to satisfy my curiosity. I researched online, visited fruit tree farms in the central valley, took my chefs to Full Belly Farms in Capay, toured Bellwether Farms, and a private Japanese/American Kobe Cattle ranch.  Through this exploration I developed not only a deep respect for organic, sustainable farming but nurtured an ever growing passion for growing my own food utilizing these practices.

Luckily, a childhood friend had a fallow 1/2 acre of zoned agriculture land in South San Francisco.  Welcome to my farm! Within a year I was growing some amazing vegetables that supported our private farm to table dinners.  I developed a large scale vermiculture system (worm farm) that was composting about 80% of our kitchen waste. I also built a large hydroponic system in our kitchen to support 100% of our microgreen needs.  Not only did I find my farm, I found my passion. In fact, so much so that I ultimately decided to sell my catering business and pursue organic farming and sustainable living full time.

I took some time off after selling my business to be a stay at home dad for my young children before recently going back into the workforce full-time.  Only this time, I wanted to work for a company that shares my same passion. I found that company in Permaculture Cubed and I’m excited to work with you to create and nurture healthy, sustainable landscapes and gardens.

In addition to gardening, I am an avid outdoorsman and adventurer. I have a piece of property in the Sierra foothills where I have built an off-grid camp for me and my family to explore and experiment with sustainable systems including solar power generation, power-free “ram” pump to supply our water storage and more!