Your yard can be an edible, sustainable work of art!  Permaculture Cubed employs a team of expert craftsmen with a keen eye on both design and function.  From traditional to modern, we will work with you to create a beautiful and productive growing space that fits seamlessly into your landscape.



Convert your concrete jungle into a food forest!  Permaculture Cubed can maximize your green space and minimize your footprint with the creative design and construction of our highly productive urban farming systems, including:

        • Space-efficient container gardens
        • Raised & in-ground vegetable beds
        • Water features & aquaculture
        • Rainwater reclamation
        • Composting systems
        • Chicken coops
        • Bee hives 

Urban farming is a great way to bring life into your yard, reconnect with nature and lessen the impact of urbanization on the environment, all while producing useful food items for you and your family to enjoy!



The pinnacle of urban homesteading, holistic permaculture design incorporates all aspects of food production, resource management and biomass retention to create a permanent, productive ecosystem.

Permaculture Cubed provides complete design and installation services of all components of an ecologically sustainable permaculture system, from the soil to the tops of your trees and everything in between.