The Company

Permaculture Cubed, Inc. is a full‐service permaculture design and landscape management company that does everything from design, to planting, to maintenance of your environment. 

We will install your custom foodscape system as an alternative to ‐ or integrate it with ‐ your current landscaping. By replacing lawns, flower boxes, and other strictly ornamental and non‐native plants with food-producing systems ‐ and doing it in an aesthetically appealing fashion ‐ we bring new life to your yard in a creative and unique way. Our systems are designed to be modular, sustainable and organic with a small footprint and outsized food production.

We take a from‐the‐ground‐up approach to whole‐biosphere wellness. To us, this means healthy soil, production‐complementary and resource‐frugal planting techniques, and recycling/reclamation of water and other useful organic materials. We use permaculture techniques for design, fertilization, and pest control to reduce or eliminate as much external energy input into the systems as possible. 

Our founders have a long history of large‐scale and urban farming, as well as traditional landscaping. Utilizing our combined 30+years of experience, we incorporate the best practices to optimize production without losing our focus on the importance of the overall design. We accomplish that through effective companion planting of beneficial ornamental plants and food‐producing crops. And by actively managing crop rotation and organic soil supplementation, we eliminate the need for chemical pesticides and maintain soil health without the need for chemical fertilizers.

We believe that the way to healthier living, and the best way to be stewards of our planet's resources, is through lifestyle, education, and the promotion of sustainable living habits. One yard at a time.