LABs (Lactic Acid Bacteria)- 4 oz

We ferment our LABs in-house with organic ingredients. LABs stands for Lactic Acid Bacteria. This beneficial bacteria concentrate is to be diluted at a 1:1,000 ratio with water, plant nutrient solutions such as fermented plant juice (FPJ) or compost tea, and applied as a foliar spray to leaf surfaces of leaf or fruit crops. Note: Over-application of LAB culture to fruit crops may result in the loss of sweetness (lowered brix) of fruits. Apply sparingly in the latter stages of the fruiting season. 

LAB culture can also be used in conjunction with other nutrient solutions to treat seeds before planting. This improves seed germination, inoculates the seed with beneficial microbes, and deters fungal problems, such as “damping off”. LAB is used with IMO (indigenous microorganisms in Natural Farming in making composts or compost teas for soil preparation prior to planting. Application of LAB culture can accelerate the decomposition of organic amendments in soils and enhance the release of plant nutrients for absorption.


¾ of a teaspoon Per gallon, makes 32 gallons

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